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Thursday, August 10, 2006

make scoobies

Learn how to make scoobies with....

The Scoobie Making Guide

Scoobies are the latest craze to take place with children in the uk and america. All over, children are making different and interesting scoobies as hobbies and play things. This article will show you a scooby that you can make easily and quickly. These are great projects for young children to enjoy.

The scoobie I will be talking about is the chinese stitch. For this one, you will need - Three scoubidou strands at fourteen inches long and one sixty inch strand.

Here is how to make it:

1) Tie a knot using the four strands but leave a small amount of spce above the knot

2) Take the sixty inch strand and make a loop over the other strands

3) Pull the end of the looped strand through the centre of the loop.

4) Pull the strand through until it makes a tight knot around the other strands

5) Make another loop using the longest strand

6) Pull the end of the looped strand through the centre of the loop

7) Pull the strand until it makes a tight know around the other strands but make sure it is right below the first knot you made

8) Continue doing this until around 3 inches of the scooby is covered

9) Undo the first knot

10) Pull the four strands apart until you reach the next knot

11) Make a knot at each end of the scooby to secure it in place.

That's it. You have just made your first ever scooby. Do not be discourages if it is not perfect the first time you try, just make sure to learn each time how you can improve and make it better.

Not so hard is it? You can make hundreds of these a day if you wish and use them for many things such as decorations, craft projects, play toys and much more.


Blogger Bill Stiltwalker said...

Hey, this is so cool, i made an almost perfect chinese staircase after only a couple of tries. Then i realised the friendship band i am wearing is a slight variation on the same design. I cant wait to try it with embroidery thread.

10:04 PM  

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